Safety, Health & Environment.

 ALFA KURD fosters a culture that is founded on putting safety first. Our continuous development of safety controls ensure the work is performed using safe work practices and adherence to environmental controls. We are dedicated to supply quality services and products to our customers while protecting the safety and health of our employees, customers and public. We recognize our responsibility and continuously seek improvement of our services to operate in an environmentally sound manner. From basic workplace safety measures to handling hazardous, ALFA KURD provides training to our employees. This training develops the skills necessary to safety execute their duties with a level of training commensurate with their responsibilities complying with OSHA standards and meeting our client’s requirements.  Every employee will follow the provisions of the ALFA KURD safety and health plan and obey all safety rules. ALFA KURD managers, supervisors and personnel work with our clients to ensure all SH&E requirements are understood and followed to protect employees, property, equipment and the environment.
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Providing skilled labors for Asian oil and gas services company in Sulimaniya. Providing rigs with operators for Asian oil and gas services company in Sulimaniya. Launching of our website.
Our Services Logistics: Land, Sea, Air freight. General Services: Oil Wells, Construction Services and more. Manpower: Professional and Potential Employees. Heavy Equipment: Rental and Maintenance.
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