Safety. Embracing a culture to protect our employees, clients and the public. Integrity. Being honest and doing what is right no matter what are the results. Talent & Quality. Hiring the best and keep the best. Delivering a step above the rest. Customers. communications, mutual understand and total satisfaction. Results. A driving force behind customer success.
Latest News & Projects
Providing skilled labors for Asian oil and gas services company in Sulimaniya. Providing rigs with operators for Asian oil and gas services company in Sulimaniya. Launching of our website.
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Our Values..
Customer Service. Safety. Quality. Responsibility. Teamwork.
Our Mission..
Our mission is simple. To rebuild Iraq by delivering quality and innovation in the areas of workforce solutions, logistics, construction and equipment.
Our Vision..
Workforce solutions. Procurement and Logistics. Construction services. Equipment rental and maintenance.
Our Services Logistics: Land, Sea, Air freight. General Services: Oil Wells, Construction Services and more. Manpower: Professional and Potential Employees. Heavy Equipment: Rental and Maintenance.
Contact Information Email: Location: Sulaimanya - Iraq
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